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※  The following is a partial list of LC lowpass filters and their specifications that we have produced, arranged by cut-off frequency.
ModelCutoff Freq (MHz)Stopband (MHz)Rejection (dB)CaseConnector
L6.8-5P1B(-1.8dB)6.88>=45P1Bф0.8mm Pin
5L7-5P2A(-1.0dB)7.09>=50P2Aф0.8mm Pin
L7-C1BSJ(-0.5dB)7.4610>=65C1Bin: SMA-J,out:SMA-K
L7.3-6P2B(-1dB)7.710.3>=40P2Bф0.8mm Pin
L8-6C1B(-1.2dB)8.010>=65C1Bф0.8mm Pin
L8-P2A(-0.8dB)8.010>=35P2Aф0.8mm Pin
L8.5-IF1(-0.5dB)8.913>=60IF1ф0.8mm Pin
L9-5C1D(-0.5dB)9.6613.5>=56C1Dф0.8mm Pin
L10-P1A(-0.5dB)11.815>=50P1Aф0.8mm Pin
L10-5P1A(-0.8dB)10.515>=50P1Aф0.8mm Pin
L10-P1B(-0.5dB)11.6520>=70P1Bф0.8mm Pin
L10A-P1B(-1dB)10.5613>=70P1Bф0.8mm Pin
L10-P2A(-1dB)10.020>=30P2Aф0.8mm Pin
L10-5P1B(-0.4dB)10.066.5>=80P1Bф0.8mm Pin
L10-5C1B(-0.8dB)10.020>=78C1Bф0.8mm Pin
L10-6P1A(-0.5dB)11.0530>=40P1Aф0.8mm Pin
L10.7-7P1F(-3.3dB)10.711.7>=50P1Fф0.8mm Pin
L12-C1A(-0.2dB)12.050>=60C1Aф0.8mm Pin

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